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Hopefully, all will return to work in the month of February.  Per the agreement in Letter T. employees will return "one recall"  for "one volunteer" and slotted first into the volunteers classification by the recalled employees previously qualified PWA.  Previously qualified is defined as an employee who has held a classification and received top / qualifying rate of pay of that classification within the past four years.  A V&A classification does not previously qualify to the multiple jobs they perform... The V& A only perviously qualify's to the V&A PWA.   

Once the previously qualified recall employees are slotted and if their remains other vacancies to fill....the remaining jobs will be posted per Article IV of the contract and subsequent jobs will be filled by recall employees.

Currently, the previously qualified have been filled and the company is posting jobs in departments.  If you are interested in bidding for a plantwide job be sure to put in your request now. Beware! Beware! Beware! Be careful for the PWA or department you apply for ... you may be subject to  loose your grandfathered status and loose wages.

Remember to attend the Local Membership meetings on Thursday Jan 21.  We have added two meetings.  The new meeting times will be  6:30 A.M.,   Noon, 2:30P.M. & 6:30P.M. to accommodate the 8-hour shifts.

1Peter 4:15 
But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busy-body in other men's matters.

In Solidarity,
Larry Odum

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