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Rapid Response Action Call - Monday, February 27, 2012

Rapid Response ACTION Call

Act Now. The Job You Defend Could Be Your Own.

Make one call to each Senator and one to your Representative!

You can dial toll-free by calling the Capitol Switchboard at: 866-297-3817

Ask them to sign on to the “auto parts letter” to the President.

Do you make something that can ultimately be part of a vehicle? More than 350,000 Steelworkers do. Maybe you manufacture glass for a windshield, paper for an auto part box or metal for components. Even if you don’t, there’s a very good chance that you could be impacted by the loss of more auto parts sector jobs if we don’t stand up to China. Fighting back against their predatory, protectionist and illegal policies just might mean one less school that closes from a lack of tax funding, one more community spared from economic devastation and one more way that we tell China that we’re not taking it anymore. But, that’s only if we act.

The evidence is clear: Since China joined the World Trade Organization, U.S. employment in the auto parts sector has dropped by 45 percent, with approximately 400,000 workers losing their jobs. It’s no coincidence that in a similar period, U.S. imports of Chinese auto parts have skyrocketed by almost 900 percent.

Right now, there is a letter circulating on Capitol Hill that asks the President to use his power to defend these jobs. The President has acted to save U.S. industries and jobs before, and we need him to do it again. We need to get as many Senators and Representatives as possible to sign on to this letter by Friday, March 2.

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