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Tell Tesoro Bosses What You Think - Monday, March 19, 2012

The members of the United Steelworkers at Tesoro oil refineries across the country need your help in bargaining new contracts with their corporate management.  The company wants workers to accept steep cuts to retirement security and agree to contract language that would let management change benefits without even bargaining with workers.

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Why does management want these cuts?
We believe that the bosses are trying to make up for their own mistakes.  In 2010 there was a devastating explosion at the Tesoro refinery in Anacortes, Washington.  Three workers died on the spot. Four others died in the following days at the hospital.  Corporate officials rushed down to express their condolences, but it soon became clear that the company was more concerned about the tens of millions of dollars they lost as a result of the explosion than the seven oil workers they killed.
Within six months of the accident, corporate managers started to take benefits away from workers to recoup some of the money they lost in the explosion.  Now, they’re trying to make those benefit cuts permanent, and they’re trying to force workers to submit to some even steeper cuts.
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We’ve already paid enough for management’s mistakes.
We’ve paid with our blood, sweat and tears, and seven of us paid with our lives.  Workers shouldn’t have to pay any more for management’s mistakes.  Stand with us to tell Tesoro CEO Greg Goff that refinery workers deserve a fair deal!

Thanks again for your support and for all you do.

In Solidarity,


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