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Rapid Response Alert - Saturday, June 16, 2012

Steelworkers Stand and Fight for Good Jobs

Wherever opportunities exist to protect and expand good jobs, Steelworkers are there. Recent stories out of Minnesota and Michigan show that we are making real gains. Let’s celebrate some achievements, and then get ready for a national push against outsourcing!

New Vikings Stadium = 100% Domestic Steel

State Representatives Carly Melin and Tom Rukavina, along with District 11 Rapid Response activists and leadership, successfully added an amendment to the Vikings stadium bill to require the new $975 million facility to be built with U.S.-made steel and iron ore. Additionally, at least 25 percent of the goods sold at the stadium and the materials used for construction must be made or produced by Minnesota businesses. This effort to Buy American ensures that we’re putting our tax dollars to work for U.S. jobs!

Michigan Steelworkers Help Deliver Nearly 700,000 Signatures in Favor of Collective Bargaining

In Michigan, Steelworkers are proving that we will continue to fight back against attacks on labor and collective bargaining wherever they occur. On Wednesday, 684,286 petition signatures were submitted -- more than twice the minimum required -- to place a state constitutional amendment on the ballot that would guarantee the right to collective bargaining for government and private-sector workers. Steelworkers were a massive part of this effort, and will be out front in urging Michigan voters to pass the amendment. As one small business owner in Flint, MI, stated, “Collective bargaining lifts up all workers and businesses. Everyone benefits when management and workers can come together and negotiate.” We couldn’t agree more.

Key Anti-Outsourcing Action Launches Next Week

The Bring Jobs Home Act (S 2884/HR 5542) would eliminate the tax incentive that outsourcers currently receive for moving expenses as they ship jobs overseas. It also rewards those companies that bring jobs back with a 20 percent tax credit on expenses incurred when moving employment back to the U.S.

With 50,000 factories closed in the past decade, six million manufacturing jobs gone and one in four jobs suceptible to outsourcing, we have to do all we can to highlight this issue! Watch for more information on this campaign and ways you can take action next week.


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