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Rapid Response Alert! - Monday, June 25, 2012

Bring Jobs HOME

Did you know that over the last decade, we have lost more manufacturing jobs (as a percentage of the total) than during the Great Depression? That’s 50,000 facilities and nearly six million manufacturing jobs gone. This outsourcing has spread to other sectors as well, like call centers, health care, administrative services and more. A 2009 study by economists Alan Blinder and Alan Krueger estimated that one in four U.S. jobs is vulnerable to offshoring.

Congress can take steps NOW to stop outsourcing by eliminating tax incentives for shipping jobs overseas, passing currency manipulation legislation, enacting strong Buy American provisions and other Steelworker priorities.

Contact Congress & Take it Public

Recently-introduced legislation, the Bring Jobs Home Act (S. 2884/H.R. 5542), would eliminate the tax incentive that outsourcing companies receive for moving expenses as they ship jobs overseas. It also rewards those companies that bring jobs back with a 20 percent tax credit on expenses incurred when moving employment back to the U.S.

Republican, Democrat or Independent: We should all agree on that.

Step 1: Please call your Members of Congress today by dialing the Capitol switchboard toll-free at 866-297-3817.

  • Ask each of your Senators to pass the Bring Jobs Home Act (S. 2884).
    Note: We anticipate a Senate vote on this bill during the second week in July.
  • Ask your Representative to cosponsor the Bring Jobs Home Act (H.R. 5542).

Not sure who your two Senators and Representative are? Check (enter your zip code) and for a listing.

Step 2: We want to take our message to the public during the Fourth of July week. Think about what your local can do to raise this issue in your community (parades, events with legislators, letters to the editor, etc.). We need America talking about outsourcing and what we can do to bring jobs home! As events are planned, they will be posted to the website.

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