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Goverment Shutdown - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The government shutdown is already having an impact on members of our union in a wide variety of ways. In Courtland, Alabama, over 1,000 Steelworkers recently found out that their paper mill would be closing. They’ve filed for trade adjustment assistance (TAA). When workers lose their jobs to unfair trade, TAA can provide critical job retraining and relocation services as well as other federal benefits. Because of the shutdown, their application is in limbo.
But, it doesn’t stop there.
Ben Sneed is one of the three local union presidents with members at the facility. He knows that a job loss eventually means losing healthcare benefits. He’s concerned for his members, especially because the new Affordable Care Act coverage options are being threatened.
“We need to stop the hostage taking in Washington. This is happening at a time when we need healthcare for our members who are about to lose their coverage because our facility is shutting down. We need the Affordable Care Act to do what it’s supposed to do.” 

    Make a Call Today or Tomorrow with Our New Congressional Hotline!

We’ve got a new Rapid Response Congressional Hotline. All you have to do is enter your zip code to connect with your Representative. Just follow the prompts. If you run across a problem or error, let us know and we’ll send you a Steelworker button for your effort. Thanks in advance for your help as we continue our testing!
                 Dial toll-free: 877.879.8951 or 1-877-USW-8951

Tell your Representative:

  • Your name and where you’re from.
  • Pass a clean continuing resolution and make sure the faith in the U.S. government is upheld by passing a debt limit increase.

Is the shutdown impacting you or your local? Let us know.
    Email us at or call 412-562-2291.

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